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User Experience (UX) Design is our compass in creating your digital presence. We bring your products or services across in ways that make people feel good as they engage with your business. We firmly believe that making your people happy is not about U or about Us; it's all about UX.

Rodesk Jobs

Rodesk Jobs

User Experience Design = Happy People
Our Approach

Our Approach

Happy People = Engaged Customers
Recent Cases

Recent Cases

Engaging Customers = Healthy Business
Bridging The Gap For Kinderdijk World Heritage

Bridging The Gap For Kinderdijk World Heritage

Website & Art Direction World Heritage Kinderdijk
A modern stage for a classic

A modern stage for a classic

Website Strategic Design Book

Quality campsites at its best


The future icon of innovation for Rotterdam

Brand identity & website

Cooperation on every scale, co-developed by BLOC

Website & art direction
The Future Is For Curious People

The Future Is For Curious People

Jeanet Kerckhaert

Jeanet Kerckhaert

Marketing & Sales at World Heritage Kinderdijk View case

“To work with the Rodesk team is awesome. The Tribe became Kinderdijkish. We went tribal. The result is a website that feels like you designed it yourself.”

People We Made Happy So Far

Jumbo Maritime
Hogeschool Rotterdam
Crossing my t's and dotting my i's
Bart van der Waerden
  • Bart van der Waerden
  • Journal /

Crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s

Today is Tuesday April 25 - a Tuesday unlike any of its namesakes I've seen over the past few years. Today is the last Tuesday I get to call myself a Rodesk UX developer. In fact, this is officially my last Tuesday ever spent as a Rodesk tribesman. Why, you ask? Well, today is the last day working here at Rodesk.

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8 March 2017

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3 February 2017

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13 January 2017

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22 December 2016
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