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Bridging The Gap For Kinderdijk World Heritage

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Propelling the past into the future for Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage; one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands.

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Bridging The Gap For Kinderdijk World Heritage

Cut the crap, show me the visuals


Kinderdijk is one of the main tourist attractions that put the Netherlands on the map, and the international calling card for Dutch water management. The area comprises nineteen windmills tracing their origins back to the close of the fifteenth century. Kinderdijk has managed to draw crowds for years, offering large numbers of cyclists and hikers impressive and deeply Dutch views of the protected rural area around the village and its illustrious past. Although a lack of visitors has never been an issue here, there is simply much more to experience in the region as a whole.

Our Mission

Kinderdijk has a great deal to offer; in addition to simply visiting the site, you get to see historical windmills inside and out, enjoy a boat tour around the area, attend miller’s workshops, and much more besides. This diversity has not received the online attention it deserves - until now. Our mission statement, then, boiled down to the following: to make sure that the digital pre-experience of a physical visit is every bit as convincing as the actual visit itself. And to guide visitor flow as efficiently as possible so that the area will not suffer too much from experiencing. We fortunate found out that we could go nuts in terms of the gorgeous content available at Kinderdijk.

rodesk kinderijk tickets

User Experience

Guns blazing, we set about visualising the unique experience of the area online. Our approach encompasses various user stories, enabling us to accommodate different types of visitors by catering to their respective information needs. Whether you’re interested in reading about the history underpinning the World Heritage site, seeing the actual activities on offer, or planning your visit directly; ultimately, every user flow is directed towards either purchasing tickets or booking a group package deal.

rodesk kinderdijk tickets

Classic Interface

Modern typography is interspersed by imagery from way back. The Kinderdijk image bank is just as much of a treasure trove as is its history. The interface was intended to breathe a classical atmosphere, without turning it corny, obviously, and on the condition that it meets the expectations of contemporary users.

rodesk kinderdijk news
rodesk kinderdijk story

Modern typography is interspersed by imagery from way back

rodesk kinderdijk history
rodesk kinderdijk homepage

Making sure that the digital pre-experience of a physical visit is every bit as convincing as the actual visit itself.

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“To work with the Rodesk team is awesome. The Tribe became Kinderdijkish. We went tribal. The result is a website that feels like you designed it yourself.”

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