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Knowledge for the Dutch corporation sector

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A new foundation to service its permanent members with sector based content and quality courses.

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Knowledge for the Dutch corporation sector

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CorporatieNL is the most important knowledge and training platform for the corporation sector in the Netherlands. They provide publications, training courses and seminars on the main themes governing this sector. Along with the best authors and trainers, their proposition is rather unique with a set of substantive articles and interesting courses. The company’s ambition is to grow independently and continue to service its permanent members with quality information and interesting contacts. Apart from the actual training courses, the majority of their efforts lead an online existence.

Our mission

When CorporatieNL first set foot on our doorstep, they were operating two active websites. One was more knowledge based; containing all the sector information in a single comprehensive summary. The second site was predominantly registration based, providing all the training sessions developed over the years. These two great resources had to be pooled, as merging the articles and training courses would mean a considerable boost in terms of a stronger and clearer market position. 

rodesk corporatieNL colorscheme

User interface

Although CorporatieNL was an existing brand with a history of its own, it is a digital first company, so there was no need for us to fall back on a comprehensive corporate identity or a brand guidelines book. Far out! This left us with complete freedom to define new style elements in the user interface, and allowed us to build the interface as modular and responsive as possible.

rodesk corporatieNL table

Flexible modules

The task of ensuring that all kinds of content types work together forced us to adopt a highly flexible approach to the modules we made. For CorporatieNL this resulted in the ability to smoothly combine knowledge content with any other type of content that may be required for the courses.

rodesk corporatieNL website
rodesk corporatieNL bloggers

Ultimately, every blogger will get their own profile page on the platform, enabling visitors to find their bundled items.

rodesk corporatieNL article
rodesk corporatieNL full page

The next phase of the project will focus heavily on conversion optimisation, as we aim to intensify the focus on selling courses.

rodesk corporatieNL pages

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