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Optimising the Jumbo sales funnel

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Digital transformation for the Jumbo sales fleet.

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Optimising the Jumbo sales funnel

Cut the crap, show me the visuals


The global port sector is a market steeped in tradition. For a port giant such as Jumbo, gaining a fresh perspective on the sales process works miracles in terms of innovative dynamics. This was how Jumbo approached us in a dialogue on rethinking the possibilities of the Position List they employ every week.

Our mission

Together with Jumbo, we defined the project goal: build an optimally intuitive application to optimise the flow of quote requests. Adopting the perspective of user happiness, we aimed at maximum accessibility in obtaining Jumbo quotes.

This would give Jumbo the significant benefit of obtaining a highly relevant dataset through online interactions. The data retrieved puts Jumbo in a unique position to submit concrete proposals to potential customers at a very early stage.

rodesk jumbo colorscheme

Mobile first

Despite the fact that the market in which Jumbo operates is deeply conservative, the vast majority of users will access the Position List using their smartphone devices. This prompted us to design the user experience from a mobile viewpoint, allowing us to slim down the original product to a lightning-fast and user-friendly sales tool available at anyone's fingertips.

rodesk jumbo ship

Always afloat always accessible

This can be a promise that Jumbo makes to its prospects. By offering various direct contact possibilities on all of Jumbo’s online channels. It should be a piece of cake for the client to contact Jumbo. Whenever. Wherever that client is.

rodesk jumbo ipad
rodesk jumbo thankyou

The users of the position list are informed of their input in every step of the process.

rodesk jumbo angle
rodesk jumbo posistionlist

jumbo provides different online contact means so every user can contact jumbo in a preferred way.

rodesk jumbo 3layers

Ready to make your people happy?

Laurens Boex

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  • Sander van de Vooren
  • Team Leader Communication, Jumbo Maritime

“Make the complicated simple, that was Jumbo’s request. Rodesk did not only do that, they improved the way for our customers to request a quote.”

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