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A new era for service design network

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Building awareness for a global network of like-minded professionals.

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A new era for Service Design Network

Cut the crap, show me the visuals


Over the past fifteen years, Service Design Network has flourished, evolving from a network of passionate academics and practitioners to an open community devoted to strengthening the case of Service Design as a mature and valuable discipline.

Although the Service Design industry has been steadily gaining momentum and increasing its impact over the past two decades, it has now reached critical mass. We jumped at the chance to design the embodiment of the titanic Service Design explosion that was sure to follow!

Our mission

The original SDN website no longer met the needs of the expanding collective it supported. The present era of Service Design demands a content machine capable of generating and sharing unique publications, reports, magazines, and events on a global scale. We were intrigued straight away, and so we set out to build the ultimate content machine.

rodesk sdn colorscheme

Brand & identity

While we constructed the SDN content machine, we managed to design a crisp and modern SDN identity to match this digital powerhouse. The overhaul symbolizes SDN's recent passage into full adulthood, crossing the line that separates a community facilitator from a full-grown curator and creator of outstanding Service Design content.

rodesk sdn icons

Brutal content machine

Service Design Network created this video to visualise their network and the strong connection between members of SDN. You can still see the old logo in this introduction video, right before it’s transforms to the new one.

At the end of the process our mission succeeded. We came up with a brutal piece of machinery, ready and able to link up different chapters across fifteen countries, spewing out publications, events, and case content.

And, just as important, serving as a ruthless converting driver for prospective new members all over the world.

Service Design Network Video Watch Video
rodesk sdn profile

Personal profiles & rich content creation in an intuitive modulair system

rodesk sdn article

Focussing on expanding the network, the new website already caused a huge increase in conversion.

rodesk sdn 3 layers

Ready to make your people happy?

Jasper van Orden

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  • Birgit Mager
  • President, Service Design Network

“Big compliment to all of you, we are looking forward to our future collaboration!”

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