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Holiday start-up grown up

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Creating an online shopping mall with thematic shopping streets.

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Holiday start-up grown up

Cut the crap, show me the visuals


The minds that conceived the Vakantieboulevard have great plans for the platform's future. It is to be a shopping mall for niche holiday providers, enabling providers and consumers to meet in theme-based shopping streets. Rodesk has been involved in the project from square one, and we are continuously at work to further improve user experiences for visitors and providers alike.

Our mission

Focused on assuring a unique experience for end users, we opted for a design based on a street plan arranged by theme. This triggers visitors to get in the holiday mood right away, stimulated by the atmosphere and environment in which they look for their intended destinations. Travel providers are challenged to come up with tantalising shop-windows that are intuitive and user-friendly at the same time.

rodesk vakantieboulevard colorscheme

Continuous improvement

Since we designed and developed this project right from the outset, it has gradually become a bit of a personal affair for us. We were able to watch the project mature into its present shape, and we just can't stop optimising and fine-tuning it in an ongoing process of loving digital evolution.

rodesk vakantieboulevard assets

Business insides for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can decide themselves how their shopping window looks like and what kind of offers or tips are presented. Through a personal dashboard with user statistics they can optimise their campaigns in a glimpse.

rodesk vakantiebouelavrd etalage mobiel
rodesk vakantieboulevard blogpost

Users are tempted to book a vacation, the unique filters help them choose.

rodesk vakantieboulevard website
rodesk vakantieboulevard avontuurlijke reizen

All niches together make it a feast for the user to search and book a holiday.

rodesk vakantieboulevard 3 layers

Ready to make your people happy?

Jasper Rooduijn

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  • Martin van Kranenburg
  • Product Owner, Vakantieboulevard

“Rodesk helped us developing the concept for the Vakantieboulevard and executes the digital experience in ongoing small iterations.”

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