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Rodesk culture explained

A brief anthropology

Hidden in the depths of the steaming urban jungle that marks the Rotterdam cityscape, a young yet surprisingly advanced tribe of digital artists is gradually expanding its territory.

Tribe members
Rodesk Culture

A coffee and two beers

Versatile as it is, the Rodesk culture is most effective in a specific work atmosphere. To stay on top in an ever changing world, we invest in a fertile soil where curiosity, creativity and an experimental mindset can flourish. The seamless cooperation that defines our tribe of digital creatives turns rough diamond concepts into result driven magic. This requires a balanced diet of fun, coffee, and the occasional beer or two along the way, sparking new insights and nurturing personal and professional growth. We care about our culture, because keeping it inspired and healthy is the key to work that makes us proud while making users happy.

Bridging cultural divides between makers and users

Devices and ping-pong balls

The Rodesk tribe members are marked by their unwavering curiosity, their outspoken personalities, and their playful sense of aesthetics. Rodesk ritual behaviour is marked by a work hard, play hard mentality, leaving their base camp littered with digital devices and ping-pong balls, and every single tribe member is a professional maniac in his or her own right.

The tribe is on the hunt

We, the Rodesk Tribe, are here to populate the digital world with happy people. We are constantly looking for new challenges, exciting clients, and fresh blood for the tribe. Crafting and spreading digital happiness is our pride and joy, and if you feel the urge to join the tribe, we challenge you to approach us. We are curious to find out where you will fit in.

Contact the tribe

Beau Roos UX Designer
Jasper de Kroon UX developer
Laurens Boex Strategy Director
Jasper van Orden Creative Director
Jasper Rooduijn Technical Director
Jonathan Reijneveld UX Designer
Bart van der Waerden UX Developer
Tom Harms UX developer
Robin Rodesk Silent Partner
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