BestCamp's quality campsites at its best

BestCamp's quality campsites at its best

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Always a versatile range of carefree camping holiday, surrounded by nature.

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Cut The Crap, Show Me The Visuals


Anyone looking for a quality campsite in the Benelux - Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg - is bound to arrive at BestCamp before long. BestCamp is a booking website specialised in top segment campsites, applying strict standards to ensure only the very best are included on their online platform. As a consequence, they have a selection of stunning campsites on offer, surrounded by breath-taking natural landscapes at some of the most gorgeous locations in the region.

Our Mission

That exciting feeling of setting out on a camping trip, looking forward to the joys of first class facilities, top notch service, and outstanding hospitality: that was the feeling BestCamp aimed to transfer to their online presence. Challenge accepted! The present release of the BestCamp website, their third since the started out, should be their greatest leap forward so far. Responsiveness, usability, and accessibility were the main pillars supporting this leap.

Universal Bookings

Universal Bookings

From a technical point of view, considerable challenges are involved in linking multiple reservation engines together and presenting them to visitors through a single user interface in a consistent way. We tackled these challenges by teaming up with Webparking, our trusted partners in crime whenever we are facing seriously advanced back-end development work. This proved a resounding success, as usual! Together, we accomplished another prime example of User Happiness: BestCamp users can now book the best campsite holidays with ease using any device they prefer, blissfully unaware of the complex system that underpins their user experience.

Rodesk User Experience Design

Filters For Everybody

In the process of creating the platform, we found out that many different user scenarios that could affect the selection of a campsite holiday. Where to go? For how long? Starting when, and in what company? We decided to streamline this aspect of user experience by means of multiple filter options for every scenario. Proper filter selection should boost visitor confidence about finding a holiday that best suits their specific needs.

Rodesk User Experience Design
Rodesk User Experience Design

Each Campsite Has Its Own Customized Page Where They Can Create Their Own Unique Camp Atmosphere.

Rodesk User Experience Design
Ready To Make Your People Happy?

Ready To Make Your People Happy?

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Johan Mellegers
Johan Mellegers Commercial Director at BestCamp

"The Rodesk team created the outstanding website Bestcamp needed to stay ahead of the competition. Great design. Spot on."

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