Digital Transition For The Dutch Triathlon Association

Digital Transition For The Dutch Triathlon Association

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The new association outfit, translated into a fresh digital approach.

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Cut The Crap, Show Me The Visuals


As one of the fastest-growing associations of the country, the Nederlandse Triathlon Bond (Dutch Triathlon Association; NTB) is literally putting in the extra mile. Rather than just facilitating triathletes, the Association accommodates all multidisciplinary endurance sports throughout the nation. Currently representing well over 130 clubs, hosting 80+ events annually for nearly 10,000 members, it was high time to get the NTB up to speed with an online sprint aimed to keep up with its expansions across the board.

Our Mission

We plotted a two-pronged course to the finish line. On the one hand, we wanted to prominently feature the NTB’s new jerseys and identity. This called for a close co-op with our confrères at Soigneur Agency, who were on top of art direction since they had designed the style, implementing it across all facets of the NTB except for the website. On the other hand, the Dutch Triathlon Association called for a fast and user-friendly site to serve as a point of departure for any triathlete and multi-endurance athlete, irrespective of their level of competence, experience, or professionality.

Clearing A Path For Membership

Clearing A Path For Membership

To the NTB’s experience, many starters looked for answers to their questions before proceeding to full NTB membership. We decided to tackle this not just by offering a sizeable amount of information aimed at answering those questions, but by building a system allowing the NTB to feature a range of FAQ topics across various pages for added clarity.

Rotterdam World Championships

The timing of the site launch was immaculate: right before the Triathlon World Championships hosted by Rotterdam – a unique occasion for the NTB and its community. This generated an initial storm of site visits, providing a quick means to sate the appetite for information of potential new triathletes and veterans alike.

Rodesk User Experience Design

Modular Transition

In triathlon jargon, the switch from cycling to running is called the transition. We resolved to shape this transition online by presenting the summary page as a virtual transition. From this modular transition, visitors are directed to the detail pages; a logical and fluent transition reinforced by a repeating structure that keeps emerging throughout the entire site.

Rodesk User Experience Design

A fast and user-friendly site to serve as a point of departure for any triathlete and multi-endurance athlete.

Rodesk User Experience Design
Ready To Make Your People Happy?

Ready To Make Your People Happy?

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Martijn Keijsers
Martijn Keijsers Communication manager at Nederlandse Triathlon Bond

"Getting to know the Rodesk Tribe has been a great experience. Exploring the digital highway and the world of triathlon together inspired both our teams to broaden our horizons. The website is our pride now instead of the burden it used to be at times."

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