Iconic Design For Rotterdam’s Prime Restoration Monument: Groot Handelsgebouw

Iconic Design For Rotterdam’s Prime Restoration Monument: Groot Handelsgebouw

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Restoring The Grand Old Lady To Her Former Glory.

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Rotterdam, city of rolled-up sleeves, is the flagship of the Dutch post-war restoration effort. Right in the heart of the city, facing Central Station Square, is the Groot Handelsgebouw, which in turn is the prime Rotterdam icon of a city rising from its own ashes. With the current makeover of the new Central Station and the adjoining station square, this Grand Old Lady was up for rejuvenation too, leaving her looking more ravishing than ever. This National Monument conveys a stately face on the phenomenal entry into the city, and is currently serving as the place to be for the ambitious and the entrepreneurial vanguard of Rotterdam.

Our Mission

A prominent and monumental hotspot such as the Groot Handelsgebouw deserves no less than a modern, tailormade and inviting website: a restoration to former glory, that is, for a defining feature of the city’s image. Fortunately, the Grand Old Lady is quite photogenic of herself, resulting in a downright delicious image database to work with. The main challenge was to develop a website of appropriate standing and sufficient class to match that of the building, which still feels like a hypermodern platform in spite of its classical charm.

GHG Tenancy

No matter how great the website looks, we obviously had a few commercial conversion goals to take into account for the overall plan. The website is intended to inspire and spark enthusiasm, but its main purpose is to point the way for prospective tenants to the Groot Handelsgebouw as a unique rental venue in the heart of the city. Its accessibility, the availability of shared cars, and the tenants’ association are a few examples of the pull factors that GHG has to offer.

Rodesk User Experience Design

Events Around The Building

Events Around The Building

In 2018, the Groot Handelsgebouw celebrates 65 years of existence – a great occasion to throw a party! The city is paying homage to this anniversary, and the Kunsthal exhibition centre even decided to devote an entire summary exhibition to the celebrations. This expo, like a series of further events scheduled for the near future, has been awarded an important place within the overarching website structure. All in all, the new Groot Handelsgebouw site has accomplished the goal that we were aiming for: a restoration to former glory for a Grand Old Lady in a brand new dress.


The stately image and imposing facade of his grand structure make for a slightly closed impression, as if the building is somehow difficult to access. Fortunately, the opposite is true, as the plinth of the Groot Handelsgebouw accommodates a wealth of fine restaurants and cafés that deserve special attention on the website. By adding clear and simple structures for visitors, we render transparent what appears obscured at first glance, with full focus on these hidden gems in the crown of Central Station Square.

Rodesk User Experience Design

The website is intended to inspire and spark enthusiasm, but its main purpose is to point the way for prospective tenants.

Rodesk User Experience Design
Ready To Make Your People Happy?

Ready To Make Your People Happy?

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