A modern stage for a classic

A modern stage for a classic

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An old school medium presented in a cutting edge format to grab the attention of creative audiences.

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Cut The Crap, Show Me The Visuals


The field of strategic design is expanding rapidly in all directions. Increasing numbers of organisations are calling upon designers to whip out their arsenal of principles, practices, tools, and methods to help co-define and co-implement their innovative strategies. Designer support is a perceived necessity to assist these organisations in their attempts to adopt a designer-oriented outlook. In this book, eight strategic principles are explained in detail; each with its own distinct way of enabling designers to operate effectively at the strategic level.

Our mission

The story behind a good product is vital to selling that product, but the way the story is told is a decisive factor by itself; and one that is often overlooked. Right from the start, our main objective in this project has been to present an old-fashioned medium, i.e. a book, in such a manner that it appeals to designers and other creative professionals. We resolved to boost and reinforce the story by means of exciting grid layouts, smooth routes to finding resellers, and copious sprinklings of the sketches used throughout the book itself.

Giving The Editors The Stage They Deserve

Giving The Editors The Stage They Deserve

The authors behind this book need a stage, and they need it badly. Aside from its informational purposes, such a platform is a force to be reckoned with in determining the level of authority radiated by the book. With a grand total of three editors and fourteen cc-authors, it is all too easy to lose track of the big picture when trying to take it all in. By deliberately balancing the onslaught of visual feats from the book between the main pages and the more profound themes underneath, we make sure that all editors and cc-authors get their fair share of the spotlights, conveniently arranged for users to take in.

Rodesk User Experience Design

Providing Structure

Online, every second counts. By adhering to the structure of the original publication, we provide a convenient overview and summary of the book’s contents, highlighting only its basic tenets. As soon as users feel ready to dig in deeper, we have additional content ready and waiting for them. This grants anyone the opportunity to navigate the site in his or her own preferred way.

Rodesk User Experience Design
Rodesk User Experience Design

We Created A Place Where Oldschool Meets Newschool

Rodesk User Experience Design
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Giulia Calabretta Editor at Strategic Design Book

"Rodesk has been very empathic in understanding our needs, goals and target audience. They helped us discovering potentials of an effective digital presence."

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