Wissing's Visionary Urban Development Presented Online

Wissing's Visionary Urban Development Presented Online

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Spatial Thinkers Working On Pleasant Urban Residential Environments Every Day.

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Cut The Crap, Show Me The Visuals


Wissing ranks among the most reputed urban development agencies in the Netherlands. This renowned firm boasts a respectable history tracing back a long way, right up to the first professional steps taken by mister Wissing himself. This visionary, famous for his unique outlook on twentieth-century urban development, is still an icon and inspiration to the agency as a whole. Nonetheless, Wissing has both feet planted firmly in the present, its gaze locked squarely onto the future. With an illustrious history like Wissing’s, it can be tough implementing a modern style without letting go of the past too easily. Still, when looking for a sparkly new and future-proof website, this sounds an awful lot like just the challenge for the Rodesk Tribe.

Our Mission

The current Wissing website was an outdated specimen, making it a piece of cake to just have at it and build a new and improved version. Obviously, the real challenge was on a different level altogether. The new site had to retain the characteristic Wissing feel and convey it in a convincing way, but it had to do so in an innovative form to match urban development in the 21st century. The agency has been around for a long time, and no-one intends to just cast off the legacy they’ve been building. At the same time, however, Wissing does wish to appeal to young urban builders and architects. Thus began our fascinating search for the fulcrum point where old and trusted values are balanced by a new Wissing feeling.

Ideas In Motion

Ideas In Motion

The true strength of Wissing has always been in the projects based on their efforts at Spatial Thinking. That’s how it was, and that’s not going to change. We decided to go all-out with a range of great Wissing works, from grand urban zoning plans down to small-scale projects. We set ourselves the goal of picturing every single project in the most exciting way possible, while still preserving the individual character of each case. This would ensure that both older and new Wissing projects would retain their own sense of authenticity.

Craftspeople And Fields Of Expertise

The main asset of the Wissing enterprise is its people on the shop floor, working like professional maniacs every day in order to make the world a better place one brick at a time. Here, Spatial Thinking definitely requires a human touch, so we made sure that the actual people behind every last project received the attention they were due, with plenty of ways to contact the relevant people straight away.

Rodesk User Experience Design

The New Wissing Feel

The New Wissing Feel

Without interfering with the firm’s former style and history, a new colour was introduced to give the agency a fresh, modern, and professional image. Viewed through that freshly coloured lens, a new perspective unfolds, opening up space to start building an all-new feel on top of their historical foundations. We joined the Wissing team to make full use of that space, enabling us to first convince the wider organisation and then the users of the brand-new website of the new Wissing feel. With a reputation firmly rooted in history and a gaze once again squarely fixed on the future, the spatial thinkers at Wissing can cast a fresh look ahead at innovative urban development with a tell-tale visionary character.

We decided to go all-out with a range of great Wissing works.

Rodesk User Experience Design
Ready To Make Your People Happy?

Ready To Make Your People Happy?

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