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Rodesk ♥︎ Sports & Recreation
Niki van der Ende
Niki van der Ende Blogpost

Rodesk ♥︎ Sports & Recreation

The Rodesk staff harbours its own particular batch of go-getters, in the form of cycling, running, and bouldering fanatics. This explains why for us, it’s just a short sprint to any project focusing on sports & recreation.

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Rodesk ♥︎ Urban development


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Jasper van Orden Check profile

Jasper van Orden

Creative Director Mail Jasper van Orden
Niki van der Ende Check profile

Niki van der Ende

UX Producer Mail Niki van der Ende
Jasper Rooduijn Check profile

Jasper Rooduijn

Technical Director Mail Jasper Rooduijn
Jonathan Reijneveld Check profile

Jonathan Reijneveld

UX Designer Mail Jonathan Reijneveld
Joeri Abbo Check profile

Joeri Abbo

UX Technician Mail Joeri Abbo
Laurens Boex Check profile

Laurens Boex

Strategy Director Mail Laurens Boex
Kayleigh van der Graaf Check profile

Kayleigh van der Graaf

Intern UX Designer Mail Kayleigh van der Graaf
Tom Harms Check profile

Tom Harms

UX Developer Mail Tom Harms
Robin Rodesk Check profile

Robin Rodesk

Silent Partner Mail Robin Rodesk