Back-end Developer

Back-end Developer


The Rodesk Tribe is looking for back-end backup - are you game?

Whether you’re just leaving school or stacking years of experience, here at Rodesk, we are looking for a back-end developer. If that sounds like you, we’d love to have a chat. Are you looking for full-time employment? We’ve got you covered. Do you prefer to work flexible hours in a part-time job as a full team player in the Rodesk Tribe? Works fine with us. Here, your track record and level of expertise aren’t half as important as the way your work boosts Rodesk as a whole. Don’t worry about the specifics; we’ll work those out between us. If you feel like joining us in creating good stuff in the heart of Rotterdam, then bring it on: we’re all ears.

You + Rodesk = Digital Happiness

Here at Rodesk, a team of young specialists apply a work hard, play hard mindset to building unique online experiences, whether they’re websites, apps, or other platforms. We work from a broad perspective, creating User Experiences that put a smile on moderators’ faces by turning their users into happy people. That’s why here, as a back-end developer, you’ll be promoted to UX Developer on day one. You know just how to wield that keyboard to conjure up that UX to maximum effect. Obviously, we’ll give you all the time and space you need to develop not just that back-end, but yourself as well. At Rodesk, growth is a team effort, so if you feel the urge to keep sharpening and improving yourself working in a tight team of driven creative professionals, then we’d like to get to know you.

So just what does a Rodesk Back-End Tribe Member do, exactly?

  • Developing custom WordPress theme and plugins;
  • Back-end development for advanced client projects;
  • Back-end development on behalf of Rodesk in-house projects, designed and implemented together;
  • Thinking along in project launch strategy sessions;
  • Continued development and optimisation of existing sites and other digital goodness;
  • Continued development and optimisation of yourself – keep reading.

What does Rodesk offer you in return?

  • An awesome workplace on the River Meuse;
  • A MacBook Pro with all the tools you could possibly need;
  • A solid pension scheme;
  • 28 to 32 days off each year;
  • A fine salary, plus holiday pay on top;
  • An office on the banks of the Meuse full of enthusiastic young UX Expert Tribe Members;
  • A climate of growth, development, experience and expertise;
  • Personal guidance with a growth plan and plenty of opportunity to pursue your own ambitions;
  • A captivating job full of challenging tasks in customer projects and projects all your own;
  • Responsibility, trust, freedom, plus time and space for your personal interests;
  • Epic Friday afternoon drinks.

What do you bring to the Tribe?

  • You think creatively while acting proactively;
  • You have a keen eye to detail;
  • You do fine working in a small team, but you can hold your own on individual jobs;
  • You have command of PHP and MySQL (or you pick it up swiftly);
  • You have WordPress experience (or you’re willing to gain that experience here);
  • Your communication skills are up to speed;
  • You have a level of basic knowledge when it comes to front-end languages (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery);
  • Bonus: you have hands-on experience with responsive and mobile-first design;
  • Bonus: you’re experienced working with GIT.

So how does that sound? All set to add your personal share to strategic and creative UX design that makes for genuinely happy people? Then why wait? Make yourself heard and contact us; we’ll start clearing a stretch of Meuse for you straight away!

Jasper Rooduijn
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