Rodesk Manifesto

Our Principles

We create tailor-made solutions to deliver uniquely effective user experience design. Still, even a tribe of creative experts needs solid ground to work on. That is why we stick to our principles. Dive right in to know what we are made of.

Rodesk <strong>Manifesto</strong>

#1 Never lose your curiosity

Relentless curiosity is our one and only ticket to new and dazzling user experiences. The day we stop asking ourselves "what the heck is this?" and "why would anyone say that?" is the day Rodesk will cease to work. Curiosity is the doorway to all things marvellous. Stay curious - relentlessly so.

#2 Understand the context

Without context, nothing is anything. We create meaningful user experience, and so, we need to establish frames of reference. What do you mean? What are you trying to get across? We want to engage. Connect. Team up. With you. We are after your context, because we need to know what you are all about. You may not even be sure yourself. No worries; we will figure you out. Eventually.

#3 Rely on knowledge and intuition

Yes, we have expertise - plenty of it, in fact. Still, that doesn't mean we can't rely on gut feeling. Expertise brings focus and drive. Intuition opens up creative space. We balance the two, because they complement each other. We rely on knowledge and intuition, because we need them both: yours as well as ours. Trust us - we got this.

#4 Cast information in structure and form

Formless information is a liability. Lacking structure, information runs the risk of swamping or eluding your clients. You have something to tell your users. We come up with the best form to convey your information, to make sure that your message actually hits home. Better yet, we make your clients enjoy the story you want to tell. That's user experience put to good use.

#5 Challenge the user to discover

You want something to happen. We employ User Experience Design to make that happen. We challenge your user. We figure out how to make your client discover the message you want to get across. Experiencing a personal discovery makes a deeper impact than having it spelled out for you. That is where we come in.

#6 Make human technology

Technology can be two things: it can be a doorway leading people to new and unexplored worlds, or it can be a barred window preventing people from getting the picture. We know the importance of making human technology. Technology is our instrument, and we shape and design it to create the happy people you aim for.

If you like our angle on UX, let's team up and make your people love it!

#7 Make every interaction count

We make interaction count, and we mean every interaction. Every click, every eye movement, every image experienced. A digital landscape has to be completely immersive, and every second spent in it is an opportunity to get your message across. We design user experience to the fullest; allow us to make your clients accept your ideas with pleasure!

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Tom Harms

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Joeri Abbo

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Laurens Boex

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Jasper Rooduijn

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Jasper van Orden

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Jonathan Reijneveld

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Niki van der Ende

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Kayleigh van der Graaf

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Robin Rodesk

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Rodesk <strong>Manifesto</strong>

Rodesk Manifesto

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