Beau Roos
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Beau Roos

Let’s introduce you to our UX Design intern.

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My Story?

Beau is a designer in training, all set to soak up whatever she can learn during this traineeship. She is determined to meet the targets she has set for herself. Her perfectionist mindset spurs her on to make the most out of every assignment she gets to work on.

Happy people

Every day I spend here, I aim to further improve my designer skills while helping the Rodesk team create user experiences that are as valuable to their customers as for their respective users







I love to capture moments with my camera.

I love to capture moments with my camera.

Whenever I have the time, I treat myself to an elaborate and healthy breakfast.

Whenever I have the time, I treat myself to an elaborate and healthy breakfast.







50mm lens by canon

My Favourite Design Object Is this 50mm lens By canon

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Beau Roos
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