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Jasper de Kroon

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As the latest member to join the tribe and the youngest among a growing number of his namesakes, Jasper has quite some expectations to live up to. He has a keen eye for detail and quality when it comes to the projects he works on. The blend between creativity and technology is what gets him going, always looking for new and efficient ways to solve the next problem up ahead.

Happy people

I love technology as a means to a creative end. I dedicate myself to building websites that are beautiful and fun to use, as well as being semantically correct from a coding perspective.







I love having a nice beer after a day of hard work

I love having a nice beer after a day of hard work

Collecting vinyl records is my passion

Collecting vinyl records is my passion







Vertigo poster

My favourite design object is the poster from the Alfred Hitchcock film Vertigo by Saul Bass.

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Memoirs of an intern
Jasper de Kroon
Jasper de Kroon Blogpost

Memoirs of an intern

Hi, my name is Jasper, and I’m an intern. As I’m writing this, my time at Rodesk is coming to an end. This journal post serves as a recap of my time here, hopefully showing the world how much I enjoyed the last five months here.

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Jasper de Kroon
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