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Jasper van Orden

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My Story?

Jasper is the founding partner and creative director at Rodesk, bringing over a decade of experience designing brand identities, data visualizations, online experiences and products to the table. He directs his designs at establishing tangible online worlds and draws his inspiration from urban habitats and mega-cities.

Happy people

Every day when I get to the studio, I have the privilege of directing and shaping our creative team. We create intuitive digital products that visitors can relate to. My main goal is seeing a twinkle in the eyes of our team members and the visitors of the worlds we create together.







One day I’ll buy myself a fancy penthouse in brooklyn

One day I’ll buy myself a fancy penthouse in brooklyn

NYC, concrete jungle where dreams are made

NYC, concrete jungle where dreams are made







1972 NYC Subway Map

My favorite design object is the ’72 NYC subway map by Massimo Vignelli

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My latest articles
Tokyo's design with the subtitles off
Jasper van Orden
Jasper van Orden Blogpost

Tokyo's design with the subtitles off

How to experience what you don't understand: a photo report of my trip to Tokyo, the most densely populated and densely designed city on the planet.

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So we won the Awwward, but what's up next?


Awwwards jury 2013

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