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Laurens Boex

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My Story?

As one of the founding fathers and strategy director of Rodesk Laurens helps clients to get what they need, which is not necessarily what they want. He is infinitely curious, open-minded and experienced, which makes him a solid sparring partner for new digital projects.

Happy people

I believe the Internet allows people to exploit new opportunities, in life and in business. Together with the Rodesk tribe I see it as our mission to make the journey to these opportunities pleasant and challenging.







Main energy source: experimental hiphop and electronic music

Main energy source: experimental hiphop and electronic music

Maverick cyclist with a soft spot for speed and challenges

Maverick cyclist with a soft spot for speed and challenges







Le Penseur

My favourite design object is Le Penseur by Rodin

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My latest articles
Is Your Digital Time Well Spent?
Laurens Boex
Laurens Boex Blogpost

Is Your Digital Time Well Spent?

Most designers strive for a common goal: to establish a lasting relationship between brand and user. The only way to achieve this is to make each and every interaction relevant and meaningful.

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Designers neighbourhood guide for Rotterdam


Design and usability from a marketing perspective


How we finally released the new Rodesk


Digital service design


Emo-commerce: conversion VS experience


Persuasive design & profiling

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Laurens Boex
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