Lotte Arnoldussen
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Lotte Arnoldussen

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I do Create experiences that are a perfect match for client’s desires.

My Story?

Lotte reinforces the Rodesk Tribe as an enthusiastic front-end developer intern.What makes her happy? Creating a product that perfectly matches the desires of a client. How she does it? By constantly searching for the ideal solutions, and by making ample use of the latest developments in the business. That’s precisely why her internship at Rodesk is such a great kickstart for building experiences that provide ever better fits for what customers need.

Happy People

My expertise keeps expanding by the day, and every step along the way increases my ability to empathise with our customers. That’s how I get to create more and more experiences that put smiles on the faces of everyone involved.







Music is my ultimate source of relaxation.

Music is my ultimate source of relaxation.

The best source to draw my inspiration from is nature.

The best source to draw my inspiration from is nature.








My favorite design object: Motorcycle

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Lotte Arnoldussen
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