Niki van der Ende
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Niki van der Ende

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I Do Run nice and smooth projects by keeping Tribe Members and clients involved

My story?

Niki is the lynchpin connecting the Rodesk Tribe and our customers. She ensures that everyone is on the same page, and that all those involved in a given project keep synchronising watches. Niki has a solid background in digital design, and she’s not afraid to tangle with a few strings of code either. This is highly useful, as it allows her to view projects from different angles. From a natural grasp of the needs of both her colleagues and customers, Niki always manages to find a way that works for everyone involved.

Happy People

I love the power of a good user experience. It can turn the most dreadful chores into a fun job, and it can turn the dull and ordinary into the incredible. Good experiences spark happy feelings in people – and those feelings of happiness are exactly what I’m after.







I love seeing Rotterdam with it’s lights on

I love seeing Rotterdam with it’s lights on

A picnic by the waterside is always a good idea

A picnic by the waterside is always a good idea







Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

My favorite design object: Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray door Larry Shinoda.

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Rodesk ♥︎ Sports & Recreation
Niki van der Ende
Niki van der Ende Blogpost

Rodesk ♥︎ Sports & Recreation

The Rodesk staff harbours its own particular batch of go-getters, in the form of cycling, running, and bouldering fanatics. This explains why for us, it’s just a short sprint to any project focusing on sports & recreation.

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Rodesk ♥︎ Urban development

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Niki van der Ende
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