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Robin Rodesk

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My Story?

Robin is a dear friend to all members of the Rodesk Tribe, and this has earned him a central spot in the studio. From there, he is much more than a mere mascot, overseeing the efforts of his co-workers and reassuring them with his Zen-like sense of calm and control.

Happy people

I am the rue silent partner of the firm. Some claim I just sit around, but I never complain about working late or staying over at the studio for an all-night session, and the tribe knows very well who cleans up all those ping-pong balls every evening... I just do what it takes to make Happy People!







This Is The Panoramic View From The Rodesk Studio

This Is The Panoramic View From The Rodesk Studio

At Night I Walk Up To The Window And Enjoy The Cityscape

At Night I Walk Up To The Window And Enjoy The Cityscape








My favourite design object is the Cubebot family by Areaware

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Robin Rodesk
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