Robin van Doorn
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Robin van Doorn

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I do Code beautiful websites that are a joy to work with

My story?

Every new day of her internship, Robin sees an opportunity to get a little better at what she does by learning more about her trade. She spends most of her time on front end work, because she excels at shaping the face of a website. Robin’s sure that the Rodesk Tribe has lots of experience and knowledge to share about all aspects of web design. That’s how she builds websites that make people happy, simply because they’re a joy to work with – front to back.

Happy People

For me, the challenge is in taking a beautiful design and really bringing it to life. Getting the right form and function to pour into a website, and then making it work at peak performance. That’s how I want to make users enjoy websites that not only run smoothly, but also put a smile on people’s faces while they work with them.







"I enjoy visiting different museums to be inspired by all sorts of art and design."

"Relaxing by reading a good book, preferably a Murakami novel."







Cartier tank solo - Louis Cartier.

My favorite design object: Cartier tank solo by Louis Cartier.

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Robin van Doorn
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