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Tom Harms

Let's introduce you to our ambitious HTML innovator.

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I Do Craft structured and fast websites

My Story?

Tom is an enthusiastic, ambitious, and highly sociable front-end developer. Developing fast and efficient websites is his pride and joy. Crafting a pixel perfect and structured website is what gets him all worked up. Tom has an engineer's drive to build bridges across the gap between front- and back-end development.

Happy people

Every day I work on improving the skills that I need for building advanced and user centred websites. I feel building fast and beautiful websites is a key aspect of making happy people.







I love to roam through cities looking out for graffiti

I love to roam through cities looking out for graffiti

This is my holy grail, one day I will cop one

This is my holy grail, one day I will cop one







Nike Air Max 1

I’d like to introduce you to my favourite design object: Nike Air Max 1

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My latest articles
DotCSS Paris
Colleboration Blogpost

DotCSS Paris

The Rodesk Tribe went to the City of Love. Not specifically to find the love of their lives, but to expand the knowledge of their second love - front-end development - during dotCSS.

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Making people happy in Dordrecht

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