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The Rodesk tribe is hunting for fired-up prodigies eager to dive into a UX front-end developer traineeship from summer 2018 to december 2018.

About Rodesk

Rodesk comprises a specialised Rotterdam-based UX designer agency. Our compact tribe consists of young, spirited experts, bound by a burning desire for expanding online happiness. Focusing on well-considered strategies, sophisticated design, and crafty technology, we provide websites and applications for our ambitious principals. We consider it our task to enrich the planet by adding copious sprinklings of user-friendly and stunning websites. The entire tribe is working relentlessly towards a single goal: establishing the ultimate online experience for users worldwide.

Care to know what being a Rodesk Tribal Trainee is all about?

You will be joining a matchless collective of specialised enthusiasts in developing websites that are as ambitious as they are innovative. The aim? Creating a unique online experience that, quite simply, makes users happy (#happypeople). You’ll be teaming up with gifted designers, savvy front-end developers, and a hand-picked selection of UX sorcerers to achieve that ultimate goal – while maintaining a careful balance between working hard and playing hard, of course.

In the comfort of our spacious Maassilo studio, we have all of your familiar creative workspace clichés at arm’s reach, including a ping pong and pool table. Just so you know we cultivate a healthy level of challenge and competition, that is. Our Tribe is marked by a ravenous hunger for challenges, regardless of whether they are set by our principals or by other Tribe members. Our monthly culture sessions prove the point: we always manage to teach each other a few new tricks, either job-related or linked to one of our numerous and frighteningly random personal obsessions.

As a UX front-end trainee at Rodesk, you will get all the time and space you need for personal development, and to further expand and broaden your expertise and interests. You’ll have plenty of opportunity for self-cultivation as you learn amazing stuff from our specialist Tribe Elders.

We’ll be regarding you as a full-fledged member, so you’ll be swept up in the maelstrom of major and minor projects we run, to get you all the knowledge and experience you could wish for. In our studio, you’ll have access to your very own workspace, including a Mac and all the software you need, plus your personal Slack icon – dhuh!

What you’ll be doing

  • Converting concepts to semantically correct and clean HTML5 & CSS3 code;
  • Coming up with solutions to tantalising front end challenges;
  • Working in sprints keeping all as agile as possible;
  • Joining in strategic deliberations prior to project launches;
  • Working autonomously in a compact and sociable team;
  • Continued development and optimisation of existing customer websites;
  • Trying to own your colleagues in gruelling ping-pong matches.

What we can offer

  • An madly ambitious and trim team of young UX experts;
  • A ridiculously cool workplace
  • A wealth of knowledge and expertise;
  • Room for personal growth and development;
  • Challenging tasks derived from client projects and side projects;
  • Plenty of responsibility, freedom, and time for personal interests;
  • Legendary Friday afternoon drinks.

What we’ll be expecting

  • Your positive energy is a contribution to the Tribe;
  • You bring a creative and proactive mindset plus attention to detail to the table;
  • You’re well-versed in HTML5 and CSS3 front-end languages;
  • You are familiar with developing mobile-first responsive websites;
  • You are up to date and savvy on cutting-edge techniques;
  • You are capable of working from an enterprising mindset in a lean and mean team;
  • You are experienced in versioning (GIT);
  • PREFERENCE: Experienced in BEM and OOCSS;
  • PREFERENCE: Experience in Sass, preprocessing, and Gulp;
  • PREFERENCE: you are an obsessive performance geek.

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Jasper Rooduijn, Technical Director
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