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Designers neighbourhood guide for Rotterdam

A guide curated by talented local designers who want to share exceptional places in their neighbourhood.

Pretty f*cking cool. That was basically our first thought when we heard about and saw An initiative by NYC based design agency Hyperact to make a global designers guide for every city in the world. The main goal of is to share exceptional places in cool neighbourhoods marked by creative cultures.

The relocation of the studio led to this idea

“Excited by all the new places we discovered after moving to the neighborhood of Gowanus, we decided to make a simple, user-friendly guide to share these gems with the rest of the world. Since we launched in April 2015, hundreds of creative companies and designers around the world have joined in on the fun making On the Grid a massive collaborative project. Each of them select, photograph and write about beautifully crafted places in their favorite neighborhood.”
Hyperakt, design agency, Brooklyn NYC.

We Managed To Host The Neighbourhood Where We Are Located With Our Studio,Rotterdam South.

On the grid Rotterdam

Together with other local creatives like Mangrove (ambassador of Rotterdam), FromForm, Studio Dumbar, Fourteen and Los Bangeles we teamed up to make Rotterdam gems more accessible for the world. The result is an amazing collection of must-see hotspots all over the city.

While we were at it, we discovered some nice ones ourselves we didn’t know about. From one of the best beer stores in town to a beautiful botanical garden for some necessary peace and quiet once in a while. And one of our favourites, the scrap heap heaven from Mijndert G v/d Berg were you can spend eternity rummaging through old chairs, lights, screws and other discarded electronic materials.

South side up

We became responsible for sharing the gems of this part of the city. It’s a highly diverse and multicultural district where you can still catch a glimpse of the city’s rich port history. The public transport connections are great nowadays so it’s definitely worth a visit.

Erasmus bridge seen from Rotterdam south

Erasmus bridge seen from Rotterdam south

The collaboration is permanent, meaning we will keep updating our list throughout the year. Take a look at our selection here. Our pro-tip for this summer: have a nice cold Anchor Steam beer at the sunny terrace of Café de Ouwehoer.

So, if you’re visiting the city of Rotterdam make sure you don’t miss out on this diamond in the rough!

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