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Obviously, we're all trying to attract loads of visitors to our websites. However, once you manage to get those visitors where you want them, you clearly want them to perform specific actions.

These actions could be anything really, and you probably have all sorts of different reasons for wanting these results. Naturally, you want the user experience to be dazzling, but a wealth of alternative approaches is available to persuade your visitors into reaching for that ultimate goal.

Design comes in many forms. The discipline of ‘persuasive design’ is a helpful tool in influencing visitors based on psychological persuasion techniques. It entails designing aimed at altering the attitude and behaviour of visitors by means of persuasion and social influencing. This is highly interesting stuff, which is why I decided to write an in-depth article about the subject at Marketingfacts. In it, I dig deeper into six principles of persuasion as stated by Robert Cialdini.

“Persuasion design is the design of messages by analyzing and evaluating their content, using established psychological research theories and methods. The most persuasive websites focus on making users feel comfortable about making decisions and helping them act on those decisions.” (R. Cialdini, [ref.?])

Say Goodbye To Websites Built For The Average Visitor

Persuasion profiling

I’d like to use this post to dwell on the work of Maurits Kaptein. He is the absolute commander-in-chief of ‘persuasion profiling’, and Science Rock Star to boot. Persuasion profiling allows you to display a unique approach tailored to every individual visitor browsing your website, with the purpose of guiding them to the goal contained within your website. Say goodbye to websites built for the average visitor; enter online experience capable of adjusting dynamically to every single visitor. It even features technology for recording which persuasion techniques work best for each respective person.


This isn’t the first time we ran into Maurits. He was a speaker at the Emerce Digital Marketing Live Event. In the clip linked below, he gives a brief account (<4 minutes) of what persuasion profiling is. His new book ‘Digitale Verleiding’ is set for release by the end of 2015 (?) , and we have already cleared a place for it on our bookshelf.

The bonus video was produced by our confreres at Fabrique. It establishes connections between birds of paradise and web shops to provide an insight into persuasive design; highly amusing and impressively effective at the same time!

Crossing my t's and dotting my i's
Bart van der Waerden
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Crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s

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