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Sketch plugins that will make your life easier

Sketch has become a important part of our workflow, for our designers as well as our coders.

Having used Sketch for two years now, we have seen a steady stream of plug-in releases that can really speed up your designing workflow. In the present blog post, I will take a detailed look at craft, Sketch runner, aspect ratio, and set line height plug-ins.

Downloading and installing plug-ins

Before I continue my tour of plug-ins, I will advise you to download the Sketch Toolbox. This is a plug-in manager that enables you to easily find and download all existing Sketch plug-ins. In addition, you should keep an eye out for the latest plug-ins released by programmers on GitHub.


Despite having been created by InVision, this plug-in has nothing to offer for InVision itself so far. One of the key figures among Sketch plug-ins, this serves as a content generator, style guide generator, grid maker, and assets manager.

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Aspect ratio

Being consistent throughout all of your designs is an important feat for any designer. This also holds true for proportions of images and videos as reflected in aspect ratios. This plug-in is a big help in this process. Eleven default aspect ratios (such as 16:9 or 3:4, for instance) allow you to display your images in uniform ratios across all devices.

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Set line height

A superbly simple plug-in that serves only one purpose: determining your line height. Obviously, this is easy to adjust using the properties panel on the right side of your screen. The thing is, however, that this plug-in lets you set line height using multiples of your font size. This is exactly how it works in CSS, and for programmers, the ability to view it directly definitely comes in handy.

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Sketch faces difficult times with the advent of Adobe XD, but I am confident that the community responsible for creating these plug-ins will see it through.

Sketch runner

Ever been hopelessly lost in your Sketch file, or unable to retrieve that one crucial command? As its name would suggest, ‘Runner’ is a genuine task runner. Any task that Sketch is able to perform can be prompted through this ‘spotlight-like’ entry field. In addition to performing tasks and inserting or generating symbols and styles, this plug-in can also be used for quick navigation between art boards and pages within your Sketch file.

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To me, these plug-ins make Sketch the ideal programme for designing websites, apps, and interfaces. I use these plug-ins continuously, and more are being released all the time. Sure enough, Sketch faces difficult times with the advent of Adobe XD, but I am confident that the community responsible for creating these plug-ins will see it through.

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