[NL]Bart van der Waerden
Tribe / Bij Rodesk sinds 2013

[NL]Bart van der Waerden

[NL]Let’s introduce you to our frontman of the front-end.

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My Story?

[NL]Bart is a Rodesk UX developer. His designer background grants him a keen eye to detail and aesthetics, which he deftly employs in shaping his code. Shaping modular, maintainable and scalable code is second nature to him.

Happy people

[NL]Every day, I commit myself to making our products even more enjoyable and meaningful. Together, we shape and redefine experiences and value for our clients and their customers.







Once in a while I make myself a perfect burger

Once in a while I make myself a perfect burger

Water and architecture, what not to love about Rotterdam

Water and architecture, what not to love about Rotterdam







Ableton Push

I’d like to introduce you to my favourite design object: Ableton Push

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[NL]Bart van der Waerden
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